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A Policemen Tactical Vest with multiple pouches anti-slippery rifle shock absorbing pad / Niche is a Backpack & Motorcycle Bag Manufacturer and Design Developer using updated technology with creative concepts to design functional bags and cater to the diverse needs of various industries.

Custom Built Tactical Vest - A Policemen Tactical Vest with multiple pouches anti-slippery rifle shock absorbing pad
  • Custom Built Tactical Vest - A Policemen Tactical Vest with multiple pouches anti-slippery rifle shock absorbing pad
  • Design Artwork Or Hand Drawing for Custom Built Tactical Vest
  • Military staff Tactical Vest with multiple pouches, anti-slippery rifle shock-absorbing pad.

Custom Built Tactical Vest

Custom Built Tactical Vest

Design and build the law enforcement tactical vest and the Military Tactical Vest

A tactical vest is the performance gear for law enforcement personnel or military staff. It requires functional design and skilled workmanship to overcome the high-strength operation. Different country, or different operation unit might have their requirement because of the nature of their working environment and the needs of the gear.

Therefore, normally we work with customers project by the project for product development. For example, in the tactical vest for policemen on the street and the tactical vest for the SWAT team, not only the pouches are different, but also the structure and material application might be different too. Insert different levels of the bulletproof or anti-stab plate inside of the vest are available to customize.

Manufacturing experiences and the knowledge for fabric, straps, plastic parts, and hardware

The material application on the vest is also a critical and technical issue. The abrasion resistance, flame retardant, and tearing strength of the material could change totally for the function or the level of performance. The strength and the quality of the hardware could be crucial as well when the critical point of the operation hits. Any of the above requirements on the material is needed by experienced manufacturers to achieve who knows how to communicate with raw material suppliers to make the material we want and also understand the international standard of the material to make the product right. In addition to the material knowledge, the manufacturer needs to know how to design and comply with the ergonomic consideration for the vest. The opening of the vest, the position to locate the pouches, the direction to access the equipment…etc. any one of the above needs to have years of experience and expertise.

Why select MOLLE System for Tactical Vest Design

Using the MOLLE system is a very common and practical application for tactical vest design because it leaves a lot of flexibility for users to utilize this vest most. Based on the different tasks, team, or mission, policemen or solider might need to carry the different magazine, grenade, baton, knife, torch, handcuff, pepper spray, glove, gas mask...etc. Each piece of equipment needs to have a pouch or a pocket to carry or store it. Normally we would design a basic tactical vest with a MOLLE System webbing loop on it. The vest itself has a zipper closure or a Velcro closure to put on the human body. Then we are going to attach those pouches or pockets on the vest based on the equipment for the SWAT team or military soldier. They also can detach the un-needed gear pouch and change to the needed one for each mission. This is the main concept for adapting the MOLLE system on the vest.

What type of fabric is used most / What are the criteria to consider when selecting material?

For fabric, durability is the most essential for the tactical vest. There are many heavy-duty Nylon ballistic woven fabrics, such as Dupont Cordura 1000D, Nylon ballistic 1200D…etc. for good abrasion resistance and great tearing strength. Some Polyester 600D, 900D fabric for general outdoor usage, survival game, or engineering vest. Then how to do the treatment for the fabric is also the other criteria to think about it. If the fabric needs to have PU coating to get the lightweight but better-bonded ability, or we need to have film backing to create more strength for the fabric, or just for waterproof ability. Additionally, for policemen safety concerns, we might add special treatment to make the fabric with flame retardant ability, better water repellent ability, or even we want to have fireproof fabric depending on the environment they are working in. On the other hand, we can have an anti-static element to add to fabric to reduce the electric generation during the dry weather or metal parts operation.

What other related items are common products to make with the tactical vest?

The duty belts, accessories, gear bags, and backpacks for policemen or soldiers are common products to make with the tactical vest as a complete set of products for the operation unit. Furthermore, the injection holster and metal hardware for the holster are also a part of the product list. The Riot Control Protection Vest and protection gear, such as arm protector and leg protector…etc. are the most relevant products with the Tactical Vest. Some tactical vest also incorporates with injected protective shoulder pad, compressed chest foam pad, and polycarbonate-made back protection to provide the best protection for policemen or soldier during the combat. We all have a great experience with them.

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