Definitely become a major supplier in the special professional market | Tough and Reliable Heavy Duty Bags Manufacturer | Niche

Introducing the new products Tools waist bag belt vest | Niche is a Backpack & Motorcycle Bag Manufacturer and Design Developer using updated technology with creative concepts to design functional bags and cater to the diverse needs of various industries.

Introducing the new products Tools waist bag belt vest

Our Advantage

Definitely become a major supplier in the special professional market

Niche Summit Co., Ltd. is the premium and high quality bag series like Outdoor Sports, Archery, Motorcycle, Tool, Policemen, and Military bag manufacturer you’ve been looking for. We are glad to work with you and manufacture Outdoor Bags, Motorcycle bags, travel bags. We are ready to bring your bag project to life.

Respect and Protect The Intellectual Property

Niche Summit Co.,Ltd is aiming at manufacturing high end bag to bag distributors and retailers and those who are in need of sport bags in bulk. We respect and protect the design and intellectual property rights of our customers. We build trust and collaboration in many countries, even our customer's competitor is interested in working with us.

Expertise and Knowledge

More than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing various bags and luggage has forced Niche Summit Co., Ltd. to understand material characteristics such as leather, nylon, canvas and has KNOW HOW of the collocation to the surface treatment of metal hardware. Our design bag has met the suitable condition in the client's need. We will also give clients suggestions about how to shorten development time accordingly.

Our Design Capability at a Glance

A good innovative product usually takes many different criteria to be fusion together. And there are many different types of material or parts to be combined or integrated together. Maybe it is a special 3D elastic printing, a 2-tone hardware plate, a new anti-slippery buckle, a high impact resistant plastic shell, a semi-hard EVA compressed foam panel……etc, each of them needs to be studied and considered. So, a real expert and experienced supplier could be a great help for you. We can save you a lot of time and money without doing many wrong tooling, and also realize your design product in a shorter period of time. We all know the quicker the development cycle we can achieve, the bigger market share we can get.

Know How of Material Properties

We are able to handle different material or different part development. In terms of the plastic material, it might involve the PP, POM, PA, PC, EVA, PET…. material, and all other named brand formula material for injection, extrusion, or compression. It needs to be considered before making the tool. This particular plastic part is looking for temperature resistance or impact resistance, or even the tearing strength resistance. We need to consider and select it before tool making. Moreover, sometimes the tooling is only for certain materials to be used because the shrinkage rate is different. For example the tooling for a PC is not good for using the PA material, because of the shrinkage rate difference in material. We also need to take into account the possible proposed quantity needed and the tooling investment. For injection, the investment of tooling is a relatively large amount, but the unit cost is low. For compressed tooling, the investment is a relatively smaller amount, but the unit cost is higher than injection output cost.

Our Advantage

Our Advantage | Tough and Reliable Heavy Duty Bags Manufacturer | Niche

Located in Taipei, Taiwan since 1998, Niche Summit Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer of tough and reliable industrial strength heavy duty bags. Their main multifunctional bags include, motorcycle rear bags, leather motorcycle bags, horse motorcycle bags, crossbody motorcycle bags, laptop backpacks, laptop shoulder bags, professional business backpacks, waterproof hiking backpacks, carpenter tool bags, suspenders tool bags and tactical tool vests, which are committed to manufacturing bags for brands and solutions to customers' design of the globe, especially in Germany, Italy, France, and USA. They also provide custom design and manufacturing for heavy duty electrician and technician tool bags, tool carrying belts and high visibility construction tool vests.

As a Backpack & Motorcycle Bag Manufacturer, Niche can work with your design artwork or design concept to customize your bags. In addition to our custom design services, we also provide several in-house bag design series, each featuring more than a dozen styles. These bag designs are readily available for wholesale customers to choose from, enabling them to select directly from our existing collection and add their private logo.

Niche has been offering customers multi-functional bags and heavy duty bags such as business travel bags, tool vests, motorcycle bags, tool bags and tool belts, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Niche ensures that each customer's demands are met.