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Niche Summit Co., Ltd., since 1998, is one of the bag manufacturers based in Taipei, Taiwan.

With custom design, and multiple material and professional production process, we provide a wide range of bags. Whether it's tool carriers, engineer vests, bags for long trips, urban, business, or pouches for tools, work or phones, we are capable of delivering the best. And our expansion of bag supplies, such as motorcycle bags, ATV bags and scooter bags, has allowed us to sell worldwide.

Niche has been offering customers high-quality bags. Both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Niche ensures each customer's demands are met.


Product Category

Here you will find our in-house designs, covering a variety of industries, from motorcycle/bicycle related field, safety gear luggage, metropolitan style to leisure recreational items. We come up with new concept from time to time and dedicate to improving customer experience.

Metropolitan Commuter Daypacks
In this series you will find shoulder straps built with card sleeve/phone pouch attachment to improve convenience of modern commuters, Patent FasRelis Magnetic Buckles Built-in to combine usage with module pouches dedicated to modern 3C users, and Webbing Loop to let you have no more dangling straps. You will be sorry not to have one of these bags.
Motorcycle/Bicycle/Sports Backpacks
This collection features special Hook strap system which can mount and dismount the Backpack onto the motorcycle easily. When off bike, it's your cool-looking backpacks. Versatile and convenient is the spirit of this series.
Module Pouches
Built with Patent FasRelis Magnetic Buckles, it allows you to click the pouches on the tank pad, on the shoulder strap or on the front panel of the bag, even the interior of the backpack / Side Carry bag. Keep your accessories handy and safe.
Tank Pad & Rear Pad
Bulky tank bag is no longer needed. That's why we come up with this tank pad and compatible module pouches. Riders just attach the pouch (GPS pouch or Phone pouch, wallet pouch..etc) they need on the pad. It’s light and easy to mount and dismount. Rear pad is dedicated to motorcycle riders that want to have the backpack off their shoulders when on the journey. With its grid design, it's made to easy mount and dismount.
Motorcycle Bags Classic
Stylish yet functional motorcycle bag for high demand users. With its heavy-duty material and multiple function designs, you are in for a luxury experience. We play a mix of fabric combination. Niche Motorcycle Bag Classic collection uses heavy nylon fabric as base and add in carbon-simulated leather, orange cordura and reflective trims to create a modern and brand new look for motorcycle bag industry.
Motorcycle Bags Black Knight
This motorcycle bag collection takes care of the basic features with good quality. Light-weighted and cool design is the spirit of the Niche Motorcycle Bag Black Knight Series. Functionally Niche Motorcycle Bag Black Knight series does not compromise and has all the necessities for entry level usage. Fine workmanship for durability has also addressed.
Urban Sports Bags
This series features waterproof structure and unique printing graphics. They are made of quality 600D jacquard fabric treated with water repellent, interior lining sealed with waterproof tape, and exterior waterproof zipper pocket. This series provides high degree of waterproof in the raining days. More interesting is the printing design. We adapt color-bounce printing technique to create its unique texture. And its graphic design has retro-hippie touch. Get both practical and stylish with Niche Urban Sports Bags.
Tool Bags
The concept is meant to improve on-site workers' comfort and provides tool carrying weight distribution. This series contains tool carrying vest, suspension strap, tool pouch, waist belt, waist pad. They are built with combination system, weight distribution and allow flexible usage according to user’s need. We specially adapt the military MOLLE System on the vest which allows hang compatible pouches any placement you need.
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