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The best adventure Waterproof bags with unique printing technique. | Niche is a Backpack & Motorcycle Bag Manufacturer and Design Developer using updated technology with creative concepts to design functional bags and cater to the diverse needs of various industries.

The best adventure Waterproof bags with unique printing technique.

Mass Production Process

Realize Your Design with Niche Summit Co., Ltd.

Niche Summit Co., Ltd. arranges the full service to customer, such as the Mass Production, Hardware Tooling Making, Plastic Tooling making, R&D service and the Prototype development. Based on our experience in bag business, our company is capable of providing constructive suggestions in terms of material selections, color combinations, and innovative workmanship applications, even the ergonomic structure consideration…etc. Buyers just send design drawings, material specification, and the target market information for the product, our team will give all related recommendation during the development discussion, then to realize the design into prototype sample. After prototype sample development, even tooling development if required, we have dedicated team for mass production arrangement, material purchase, quality control, and shipment arrangement. Our professional team keeps tight control over every step of work process, including designing, pattern making, selecting materials, cutting, sewing and packaging. Buyers are assured of quality custom service by cooperating with us.

Mass Production Process

Here you will have a basic understanding of the process of mass production, transforming design to real product from die-cut tooling, how we work with material suppliers and quality checks, production line sewing, assembly to pack up and ready to ship. Welcome to visit us and have face-to-face meeting. Please advise visitng schedule two weeks in advance.

Step 1: Die-cut Tooling Making

We make the die-cut tooling based on the paper pattern created by Pattern maker during the sample development.

Step 2: Materials Collection and inspection

We order all material needed based on the quantity of the orders. We will order, fabric, zippers, webbing, hardware, plastic parts…etc from raw material supplier. Our warehouse dedicated staff will inspect the material based on the specifications that are set up on confirmation sample on the information on the order sheet to supplier.

Step 3: Production Arrangement

Once all the material coming back to warehouse, then we will cut material based on the requested shape, length, and width, arrange logo application (embroidery, printing, hot stamping)….etc. Prepare to give production line to get production on-line.

Step 4: Production - Sewing and Assembly

We will follow the paper pattern on each part of the bag to start the production sewing. We not only have the pattern information to follow, but also have the leftover approval sample to re-confirmation the correctness of the production output. We have many types of machines for different types of materials assembly, such as fabric with foam, EVA hard-shell, plastic, hardware…etc, and for various sewing technique to accomplish the production.

Step 5: Packaging

When the product is completed, we attach the hangtags to it or insert instruction sheet, place the bar-code sticker, pack up the product with poly-bag or designate package material, and then put it in the export carton with shipping mark printed. If buyers have other request, such as the color-box package or bulk packing for accessories supplier, we can arrange by request.