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With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturer and design functional bags, we not only have a lot of experience for traditional cut-and-sew bag manufacture, but also we want to apply the most trended and advanced technology of EVA compressed foam parts into Bag Manufacture and Bag's design.

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Service Process

Raw material purchase inspection confirms that it can meet the functional characteristics requirements of all kinds of Custom Design Manufacture bags or Tool Vest. Tactical Vest.

After you place an order, we purchase raw materials and strictly screen the quality of the raw materials. For example, the fabric needs to be placed on the yard counting machine, and the quality can be checked during the rolling and counting process. We can also check the woven texture, coating or backing quality on the yard counting machine. In addition, we will cut a piece for sewing and try a tear strength test to determine whether the strength of the fabric meets its functional requirements for the product. Fabrics are used for surface fabrics, or linings, and even decorations.

Inspector checks fabric quality on fabric inspection machine
Inspector checks fabric quality on fabric inspection machine

Strictly screen the quality of raw materials and production requirements

Once the materials are gradually returned to our warehouse, then our technicians will receive notification from the warehouse. If the materials according to their requested bill of materials are met, then the technicians will work with the production manager to retrieve the materials from the warehouse according to the bill of materials. Send to the production site all at once. In the process of material counting and inspection, technicians can also check whether each type of material meets the production requirements. If a technician or warehouse manager believes that the material does not meet the requirements of the material requirement information, or is defective at the first sight in the visual inspection of strength or rigidity or the basic inspection method, the technician or warehouse manager has the right to refuse to accept the goods.

Storeroom for fabric and parts storage
Storeroom for fabric and parts storage

Strictly control each process in the manufacturing process to control the goal of 100% non-defective rate

Once the material arrives at the production site, the material will be diverted to the designated sewer for a certain production process/sewing process to make. Each sewer will have a piece of paper with a description and remarks of the work procedure and the parts sewn and hung on the sewing machine to show what the finished part looks like. Therefore, each sewer has actual samples and paper instructions as a guide for their work. Not only does the production line leader randomly check and solve sewer problems, whether it is machine problems or sewing technology, but also online QC staff will always inspect each production line to confirm product quality. The parts can be used for final assembly. Later, once the finished product is completed, it will be sent to the packaging area. Then, there is a finished product QC member who checks each incoming product before releasing it to the packaging process. The packaging process includes thread trimming, surface cleaning, hardware wrapping, hang tag attachment,.... etc., and then put it into a plastic bag with stickers or labels attached based on the customer's requirements. Then the product is loaded and packed into export cartons. Every hour, warehouse staff come to pick up the goods and store them in the finished product warehouse area.

Loading into container ship our products all over the world
Loading into container ship our products all over the world

Complete the third-party inspection quality shipment in the shortest time during the shipping process

Once the goods will be completed within 5 days, we will notify the customer to arrange possible container reservations and payment arrangements. Some customers may arrange for a third-party inspection company to come to inspect the goods before shipping. Once we receive the green light of the customer's quality inspection and shipping instructions, we will arrange the shipment to the port and load it on the ship.


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Based in Taipei, Taiwan since 1998, Niche Summit Co., Ltd is a professional tool bags and backpacks manufacturer. Their main products, include Motorcycle Bags, Tool Vests and Tool Bags, Backpacks, Tactical Bags and Outdoor Bags with over 20 years of design and manufacturing.

With more than 20 years of experience in the bag business, we are proficient in solid cut-and sew workmanship and have accumulated impressive in-house bag designs covering various fields. Customers all over the world come to us for functional, quality bags and our design ideas. Niche Summit is a Bag Manufacturer and Design Developer using updated technology with creative concepts to design functional bags to meet specific activities.

Niche has been offering customers tool bags and backpacks, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Niche ensures each customer's demands are met.