Niche Summit Co., Ltd

Niche Summit is a bag manufacturer and has become a leading Motorcycle bag, Tool Bag, and Backpack Supplier all over the world.

R & D

We are not only a bag manufacturer but also a design developer to provide clients with new concepts and applications. We research, design, develop, and test before launching the offer.

In order to constantly improving customer experience, we come up with new concept of collection from time to time to present ideas and development concepts following by our understanding of the market trend.

Currently we have ready available in-house design products in many criteria, from regular backpack, motorcycle/bicycle related field, safety gear, luggage, Metropolitan/Leisure styles, tool carry safety equipment,....etc. Each category has its unique design concept. Details of the development process and concept are recorded here. You will get to know more about each category’s function, structure, purpose & possible applications.

We also make it in various styles to be as a collection for customer’s selection. It would be save time to pick up existing design or take it as reference to explore further and suit your market needs.

Either take from our existing developed items to introduce to your market or make development based on our existing concepts. It would be relatively quick and easy for customer on the development process, or even in a hurry status.

Please check out our R&D and innovation for Motorcycle Bag, Backpack, Tool Bag and Vest

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Background of motorcycle soft luggage development

Back in 2003, in one occasion talked about the features and limits of motorcycle market with friends, whom we rode together back in our youngster days,...

Hook and Magnet Attachment System

Niche Summit Co., Ltd. is dedicated to bring new concept to make life better. Bear this in mind, our innovative backpack N-19203 has won iF DESIGN AWARD...

Tool Gear Carry System

Our Tool Vest, Waist Belt, Tool Bag provide tool carry system in two ways:1. Normal carry system - like the vest of TL-6202, and with other tool bags...

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Motorcycle Bags, Tool Bags & Backpacks Design And Manufacturing For Outdoor Sports, Archery, Motorcycle, Tool, Policemen And Military Sectors | Niche Summit Co., Ltd

Based in Taipei, Taiwan since 1998, Niche Summit Co., Ltd is a professional tool bags and backpacks manufacturer. Their main products, include Motorcycle Bags, Tool Vests and Tool Bags, Backpacks, Tactical Bags and Outdoor Bags with over 20 years of design and manufacturing.

With more than 20 years of experience in the bag business, we are proficient in solid cut-and sew workmanship and have accumulated impressive in-house bag designs covering various fields. Customers all over the world come to us for functional, quality bags and our design ideas. Niche Summit is a Bag Manufacturer and Design Developer using updated technology with creative concepts to design functional bags to meet specific activities.

Niche has been offering customers tool bags and backpacks, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Niche ensures each customer's demands are met.