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Showroom Taipei - a variety of backpack, motorcycle bags, tool bags | Niche is a Backpack & Motorcycle Bag Manufacturer and Design Developer using updated technology with creative concepts to design functional bags and cater to the diverse needs of various industries.

Showroom Taipei - a variety of backpack, motorcycle bags, tool bags

Design Center

Vertically-Integrated Bag Design and Manufacturing

Niche Summit Co., Ltd. has a world-class design team and in-house textile experts and employees, all of our outdoor sports, archery, motorcycles, tools, police and military bags, functional backpacks, and computer bags. . . We can catch the latest trends and we have also obtained the affirmation of the German IF Design Award. We have collected a large number of internal design concepts for development reference. We have a dedicated professional team in customer service, sample development and production. Cooperating with us, you can rest assured to enjoy high-quality service.

Custom professional EMS bags at A+A show
Custom professional EMS bags at A+A show

Services to different types of customers

We have many different types of customers. Some are the brand owner, some are chain stores, some are designers and importers which either help customers to develop products, or they are start-up companies. We all can work and service. The most important thing to do is to listen to the customer's needs. If a customer knows what they are looking for, then we are able to realize it very soon for them. But in reality it is that the customer is not very sure about what they need? Or the customer knows what they need, but does not know how to set the requirement. Some customers might only have a design concept, but they have no material knowledge. Any of the above reasons show the value and the importance of our company. If you are an expert in business, then we can have a very deep conversation to set up the standard, and proceed very soon. If you are not an expert, it is no problem too. Both of us just need to have a basic communication to understand your needs and your design artwork ready, then we can provide our suggestion to you and make the prototype out for testing and confirmation, because our goal is to make your design come true.

Our experience is from very simple concept products, like the giveaway promotional bag or package like shopping bag, up to very technical parts, such as flame retardant, abrasion resistant material for policemen, tactical jacket and accessories, extra pulling strength webbing design for industrial workers. We have a very strong foundation and experience on development. The plastic injection tooling development on buckle or an injected leg protector shell, the hardware development for the rivet, snap and logo plate, the fabric with printing or jacquard development, a compressed foam panel as computer protection, we all have ability to realize it for you

In terms of the metal hardware, it could be stainless, iron, aluminum or zinc alloy…etc. Also, we need to consider what type of the surface treatment we need to apply on this metal hardware. There is the painting, electric painting, electrophoresis, or chrome, anti salt, or anti acid request on the metal part. It depends on the performance of the metal part you expected it to work or the environment it will be exposed to. It needs to be discussed and considered ahead before making the tooling.


Design Center | Tough and Reliable Heavy Duty Bags Manufacturer | Niche

Located in Taipei, Taiwan since 1998, Niche Summit Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer of tough and reliable industrial strength heavy duty bags. Their main multifunctional bags include, motorcycle rear bags, leather motorcycle bags, horse motorcycle bags, crossbody motorcycle bags, laptop backpacks, laptop shoulder bags, professional business backpacks, waterproof hiking backpacks, carpenter tool bags, suspenders tool bags and tactical tool vests, which are committed to manufacturing bags for brands and solutions to customers' design of the globe, especially in Germany, Italy, France, and USA. They also provide custom design and manufacturing for heavy duty electrician and technician tool bags, tool carrying belts and high visibility construction tool vests.

As a Backpack & Motorcycle Bag Manufacturer, Niche can work with your design artwork or design concept to customize your bags. In addition to our custom design services, we also provide several in-house bag design series, each featuring more than a dozen styles. These bag designs are readily available for wholesale customers to choose from, enabling them to select directly from our existing collection and add their private logo.

Niche has been offering customers multi-functional bags and heavy duty bags such as business travel bags, tool vests, motorcycle bags, tool bags and tool belts, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Niche ensures that each customer's demands are met.