successful bag developments for distributors and wholesalers | Versatile Tactical and Functional Bags for Various Industries

Bag Development achieve great sales in crowdfunding in 2022-2023 | Weather-resistant bags

successful bag developments for distributors and wholesalers

Motorcycle Rear bag Development Story

Bag Development achieve great sales in crowdfunding in 2022-2023

Let's discuss one of our recent successful bag developments that achieved remarkable sales during the 2022 crowdfunding campaign in Taiwan, with continued sales momentum in 2023. We have received numerous inquiries from distributors and wholesalers in need of bags, including companies with private brands seeking custom designs to bring their unique concepts to life.

Rear bag Product Concept

Our focus was on developing a rear bag suitable for motorcycles and scooters. Recognizing the diverse requirements of riders, we decided to create three different sizes of rear bags that cater to their specific needs. Some riders may only need to carry essential accessories like gloves and a rain cover, making the small size rear bag ideal for them. Additionally, we developed a medium size rear bag capable of accommodating these accessories along with a full-size helmet. Furthermore, for motorcycle travelers or those requiring a larger storage capacity, we designed a large size rear bag capable of carrying two full-size helmets or a substantial volume of accessories.

Rear Bags Shape Design

After careful deliberation and extensive market research on existing rear bag shapes, we ultimately opted for a rounded design.

Security and Convenience

Based on feedback gathered from surveys conducted with distributors and customers, it became clear that many riders prefer having a lock on their bag. While most soft luggage options in the motorcycle market lack this feature, we recognized the need to cater to riders who intend to travel by airplane or utilize the bag as general luggage. As a result, we made the decision to incorporate TSA locks into our bags.

Structural Enhancement

Addressing concerns raised by riders regarding the appearance of soft luggage when not fully loaded, we focused on enhancing the bag's rigidity. By reinforcing the frame, we achieved a more stable and appealing structure.

Versatile Attachment Options for creating Bag

Given the multitude of motorcycle designs and the growing popularity of scooters in urban environments, we developed our bags to offer multiple attachment methods, ensuring secure fastening to motorcycles and scooters. We provide 2-3 different attachment options, such as fasten straps, allowing riders to choose the most suitable method for their preferences. This flexibility also enables riders to utilize multiple attachment methods simultaneously, depending on their specific needs.

Enhanced Carrying Capacity

To meet the demands of travel enthusiasts, we not only developed larger-sized rear bags but also designed a set of straps to assist riders in carrying extra items on top of the bag. These straps enable the connection of additional rear bags of the same size or different sizes, offering a comprehensive solution to accommodate varying load requirements.


Our bag development project has achieved significant success, surpassing expectations in the 2022 crowdfunding campaign and maintaining strong sales throughout 2023. With our innovative features, including TSA locks, enhanced structural rigidity, versatile attachment options, and expanded carrying capacity, our rear bags stand out in the market. We have addressed the specific needs and preferences of riders while ensuring their convenience and security. Looking ahead, we remain committed to refining and expanding our product offerings to cater to the evolving demands of riders worldwide.

Rear Bag Development for wholesale  rear bags customization

Bag Development achieve great sales in crowdfunding in 2022-2023 | Premium Motorcycle Bags for Secure and Stylish Riding

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