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Branded City Traveler Rear Bag Development in Collaboration with client from Niche's Brand, Taiwan. | Weather-resistant bags

universal fit, stackable motorcycle traveler rear bag manufacturer

Custom Traveler's Rear Bag Development Story

Branded City Traveler Rear Bag Development in Collaboration with client from Niche's Brand, Taiwan.

Niche Summit Co., Ltd. in Taiwan develops an innovative product named City Traveler Rear Bag in 2022. Our aim at first is to offer three different sizes to cater to the diverse needs of riders, providing them with a stylish and functional storage solution.

Bag Concept and Design

We have conceptualized the rear bag to come in three sizes, each serving a specific purpose. The small size is perfect for carrying essential accessories such as a rain cover, gloves, and other necessities. The medium size can accommodate a full-size helmet along with additional accessories, while the large size can conveniently hold two full-size helmets and various accessories. In terms of design, we have opted for a rounded shape with a generously sized lid opening, allowing customers to easily insert and retrieve items from the bag. For the initial prototype samples, we have utilized Polyester 600D fabric, a durable and commonly used material, to test the bag's dimensions, volume, and overall appearance.

Key Design Improvements

Throughout the process of creating the initial set of samples, we have identified several areas for improvement to enhance the functionality and appeal of the rear bag.

TSA Lock

Recognizing that soft luggage often lacks built-in locks found in hard cases, we have incorporated a TSA lock into the rear bag. This feature not only ensures the security of the bag but also enables it to be used as international travel luggage.

Enhanced Structural Design

To address concerns about the bag's shape becoming sloppy when not fully loaded or deforming when the straps are tightened, we have implemented structural enhancements to provide rigidity and maintain the bag's form.

Versatile Attachment Options

Considering the diverse range of motorcycles, including American motorcycles, sports bikes, cruisers, and scooters, we have developed multiple attachment mechanisms to ensure compatibility with the majority of motorcycle types.

Spacious Opening

We have prioritized convenience by incorporating a large opening that allows for easy access to the contents of the bag.

Increased Carrying Capacity

Recognizing the need for additional carrying capacity, we have designed the rear bag to accommodate extra equipment such as a floor mat, camera tripod, small tent, and other essentials.


For outdoor enthusiasts, campers, or long-distance travelers who require multiple rear bags, we have introduced special straps that facilitate the connection of 2-3 bags together, irrespective of their size. These straps can also be easily secured to existing cases or bags.

Integration Capability

To cater to customers who already possess saddlebags or built-in hard cases, we have ensured that our rear bag can seamlessly attach to these existing structures. This integration feature allows for effortless detachment and easy portability.

Tool-Free Attachment and Detachment

Our rear bag features special buckles and designed straps that enable quick and hassle-free attachment and detachment onto motorcycles, eliminating the need for drilling holes or additional mechanisms.

Secure and User-Friendly Attachment

To ensure the rear bag securely attaches to motorcycles and offers user-friendly operation, we have implemented the following features:

A. Special Hook Buckle and Straps

We have developed a unique shape of hook buckle with straps, featuring a loop design at the bottom. This design enables easy fastening of the strap onto the motorcycle's metal frame. Additionally, a webbing loop on the rear bag allows users to attach it securely to the buckle, either through the main metal frame for front attachment or handles for back attachment.

B. Horizontal Webbing for American Motorcycles

To cater to American motorcycles such as Harley-style and other cruiser models, we have added horizontal webbing on the backside of the rear bag. This feature facilitates attachment to sissy bars or backrests.

C. Additional H-Shape Fasten Strap for Scooters and Sports Bikes

After extensive testing on scooters and sports bikes, we have identified the need for extra stability and attachment points. Therefore, we have incorporated an additional H-shape fasten strap specifically designed for these types of motorcycles. This strap ensures a secure and stable fit, even under demanding riding conditions.

Material Selection and Finishing Touches

In terms of material application and aesthetics, we have carefully considered the following elements to create a high-quality rear bag:

1.Waterproof and Abrasion-Resistant Fabric:
As motorcycle bags must withstand various weather conditions, we have selected Polyester 600D Grid pattern fabric known for its waterproof and abrasion-resistant properties. This ensures the durability and longevity of the bag, providing reliable protection for the contents.

2.Waterproof Zipper:
To enhance the bag's water resistance, we have opted for a waterproof zipper that prevents moisture from seeping in and safeguarding the valuables inside.

3.Carbon-Look Leather Accents:
For a sophisticated and stylish appearance, we have incorporated carbon-look leather accents. These accents add a touch of elegance to the bag while maintaining its rugged and functional nature. Additionaly the carbon material is the soul of the riders.

4.Reflective Strap for Safety:
Recognizing the importance of visibility, especially during night rides, we have included a reflective strap on the rear bag. This feature enhances the rider's visibility and promotes safer journeys.

5.Neon Green Color Rain Cover:
To provide an additional layer of protection against rain, we offer a neon green color rain cover as an included accessory. While the fabric itself is already waterproof, the rain cover ensures extra safeguarding in prolonged or heavy rainfall. It is particularly useful as it prevents water from penetrating through stitching holes, maintaining the bag's integrity.


We have achieved about 60-70% of the development. Our Branded City Traveler Rear Bag project has made significant progress. Our innovative features, such as the built-in TSA lock, rigid design, versatile attachment options, large opening, expandability, integration capability, and user-friendly attachment mechanism, set our rear bag apart from traditional options in the market. Additionally, our careful material selection, waterproof features, stylish finishing touches, and safety considerations make our rear bag a reliable and attractive choice for riders seeking both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

We look forward to further refining and finalizing the development of our Branded City Traveler Rear Bag to meet the expectations and demands of riders worldwide.

Branded City Traveler Rear Bag Development  motorcycle bags customization

Branded City Traveler Rear Bag Development in Collaboration with client from Niche's Brand, Taiwan. | Premium Motorcycle Bags for Secure and Stylish Riding

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