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Niche Summit Co., Ltd. Bag Manufacturer, explore our diverse range of motorcycle luggage solutions, from tank bags and tail bags to saddlebags, tool vests, and functional backpacks. | Tactical and travel gear for bulk purchase

Niche Summit Co., Ltd. Bag Manufacturer, explore our diverse range of motorcycle luggage solutions, from tank bags and tail bags to saddlebags, tool vests, and functional backpacks.

Company Profile

Go Explore, Break Boundary

Niche Summit Co., Ltd. is a renowned bag and luggage manufacturer based in Taiwan. Over the past two decades, we have established ourselves as a preferred supplier of Motorcycle Bags, Tool Bags, and Backpacks to customers worldwide, particularly in the USA and Europe. As a design-oriented bag manufacturer, we have honed our expertise in creating customized, functional, and technical bags, along with efficient mass production capabilities.

We are dedicated to crafting bags that cater to brands and individuals' unique design requirements, with a focus on serving global markets, including Germany, Italy, France, and the USA.

Respect for Intellectual Property

At Niche Summit Co., Ltd., we are committed to producing high-end bags for distributors, retailers, and those seeking bulk bag solutions. We hold a steadfast commitment to respecting and safeguarding the intellectual property rights and design integrity of our customers. Our reputation for trust and collaboration extends to various countries, even attracting the interest of our customers' competitors.

Expertise and Knowledge

With over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing a diverse range of bags and luggage, Niche Summit Co., Ltd. has developed a deep understanding of material characteristics, including leather, nylon, and canvas, and the art of integrating metal hardware. Our design team excels at creating bags that perfectly match our clients' needs. We also offer valuable suggestions on how to expedite the development process. Niche Summit Co., Ltd. is your premium source for high-quality bag manufacturing. We are ready to partner with you in bringing your bag projects to life, whether they involve Outdoor Bags, Motorcycle Bags, Travel Bags, or Tool Bags.

Core Value

Niche Summit Co., Ltd. is driven by a commitment to deliver top-notch products tailored to niche markets. We also pledge to provide high-quality mass production goods that our customers can confidently offer to the market.

Future Vision

Our vision for the future revolves around delivering the best solutions for custom bag design and becoming the most trusted partner in product development and mass production for our customers. We are dedicated to ensuring the delivery of high-quality production goods that add value to our customers' designs and businesses.

Cooperate with global brands to custom design and manufacture various bags

Niche Summit offers a diverse range of custom design and manufacturing options, catering to a wide array of needs. From bags for outdoor activities, schools, gyms, and backpacks to fashion accessories and equipment for various industries, we have a comprehensive product line. Whether it's Motorcycle Bags, Industrial Worker's Toolkits, Police Accessories, or Anti-riot Equipment, we are equipped to design and manufacture products that meet your specifications.

If you have specific design requirements, please provide us with your information, and we will be delighted to work with you to bring your unique bags to life.

YearImportant Events
2020Our backpack has won the IF Design 2020 award based on its unique patented design features.
2019Development of a new light weight multifunctional backpack collection with interchangeable accessories.
2016Has developed an innovative weight distribution system for tool carry collection to improve the worker’s tool carry ability and safety at A+A show.
2008Launched motorcycle luggage collection at EICMA (Professional Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, Italy.