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MOLLE Tool Vest Tool Rig Tool Bag with Carrying System

Tool Vests and Tool Bags

Tool Vest Tool Rig Tool Bag Carrying System

MOLLE Utility tool carry system Vest and bag for workers with many types of tool bag, belt, suspender, and the engineering vest. Not only the individual product can be used alone, but also it is good to be combined used. Using the belt, suspender or even together with the engineer vest to distribute the weight in order to reduce the fatigue. Furthermore, it is handy for carry tool, hammer, and ruler on the working site. Niche Summit Co., Ltd. has years experience on product development and mass production.

Design Concept

We can help you to realize your design and idea into marketable products, and able to arrange the manufacture. The most important working concept is to develop your product for your market in your price range. We are not only able to follow your design artwork and specification, but also we continue to launch different series of products in different industries for customer’s reference. Customers can concentrate on their own design, or just simple modify from our designed products, in terms of the material, structure, color, and size. Either way is quick and easy for customer to work with us and get the product ready for market in short period of time. We work with worldwide customers, and also involve in many different type of business, such as the brand, the importer, the wholesaler. We can understand and fulfill the different needs for each type of customers.

Design Features

We designed different type of Engineering Vest, foamed padded Suspender (shoulder strap), belt, and belt pad, and multiple design tool bags. In tool bags, we also provide 4 different types attach way. Each tool bag contains one to two different types of attach way for user to select the most comfortable or the most convenient way to use the bag. The tool bag can be attached by inserting the belt. Or the bag1 has the fasten strap to hold on the belt and on the thigh. Or there is metal clip on the back to directly attach on the belt, or two strap with snap system for Molle style attaching way to attach on belt or webbing loop. Each item is able to be use independently, or combined used.
To get efficient usage of the tool carrying system, we have several recommended combination of usage.
a. Vest + Belt + Belt Pad + Tool Bag – completed suggestion and the most recommended
b. Suspender (shoulder strap) + Belt + Tool Bags
c. MOLLE Vest + MOLLE Pouch + Belt + Tool Bags
d. Belt + Tool Bags
e. Vest + Tool Bags
f. Suspender (shoulder strap) + Tool Bags
g. MOLLE Vest + MOLLE Tool Bags
Niche Summit provides this tool carry solution to improve the experience of tool carriers, and of which is ergonomic and easy for operation for all workers. The system provides the best weight distribution on body, and also flexible usage as it has interchangeable system, i.e. MOLLE system, for workers based on their tasks. And we has a series of tool carry system to improve the experience of tool carriers, either it's normal carry system or it's MOLLE carry system or combined usage depending on the needs of different situations.

Working with us is easy

Either OEM or ODM are welcome. Our company will offer best solutions and customize for you. There are 3 typical ways to cooperate together:
1. Send your design artwork with material specification to us, then we will try to realize it for you.
2. Select a few styles from our collection, and then inform us your modification request based on your target market or target group.
3. Pass your idea or concept, then we can design for you.

General order terms:
1. FOB Shenzhen port in China
2. Mini order quantity is 300-600 per style per color depending on the value or the complexity of the product. Simple structure or low value item is 600 pieces minimum.
3. Mini order amount is USD10,000 per shipment
4. Mass Production takes 60-90 days after order confirmation, depending on the order quantity or the number of the styles.

Tool Vests and Tool Bags

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Tool Vests and Tool Bags | Quality Motorcycle Luggage - Iron Horse Saddlebags Manufacturer | Niche

Located in Taipei, Taiwan since 1998, Niche Summit Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer of tough and reliable industrial strength heavy duty bags. Their main multifunctional bags include, Tool Vests and Tool Bags, motorcycle rear bags, leather motorcycle bags, horse motorcycle bags, crossbody motorcycle bags, laptop backpacks, laptop shoulder bags, professional business backpacks, waterproof hiking backpacks, carpenter tool bags, suspenders tool bags and tactical tool vests, which are committed to manufacturing bags for brands and solutions to customers' design of the globe, especially in Germany, Italy, France, and USA. They also provide custom design and manufacturing for heavy duty electrician and technician tool bags, tool carrying belts and high visibility construction tool vests.

As a Backpack & Motorcycle Bag Manufacturer, Niche can work with your design artwork or design concept to customize your bags. In addition to our custom design services, we also provide several in-house bag design series, each featuring more than a dozen styles. These bag designs are readily available for wholesale customers to choose from, enabling them to select directly from our existing collection and add their private logo.

Niche has been offering customers multi-functional bags and heavy duty bags such as business travel bags, tool vests, motorcycle bags, tool bags and tool belts, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Niche ensures that each customer's demands are met.