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Niche Summit Co., Ltd, since 1998, is a professional bag and luggage manufacturer. The main product, including Motorcycle Bags, Soft Luggage, Functional Bags, Travel Gears, Tank Bags, Saddle Bags, Rear Bags, Backpacks, Messenger Bags, Tunnel Bags, Crossover Bags, Duffle bags, Business bags, EVA bags, Computer Bags, Tail Bags, Pannier Bags, etc.

Niche can provide constructive suggestions regarding material selections, color combinations, and innovative artistry applications, even the ergonomic structure consideration, and so forth. Moreover, every processing is conducted with strict design, pattern making, selecting materials, cutting, sewing and packaging.

Niche has been offering customers high-quality bags & luggage with advanced technology and 20 years of experience. Niche ensures each customer's demands are met.

Niche Summit Co., Ltd|Professional Bag Manufacture & Design

R & D

We are not only a bag manufacturer but also a design developer to provide clients with new concepts and applications. We research, design, develop, and test before launching the offer.

In order to constantly improving customer experience, we come up with new concept of collection from time to time to present ideas and development concepts following by our understanding of the market trend.

Currently we have ready available in-house design products in many criteria, from regular backpack, motorcycle/bicycle related field, safety gear, luggage, Metropolitan/Leisure styles, tool carry safety equipment,....etc. Each category has its unique design concept. Details of the development process and concept are recorded here. You will get to know more about each category’s function, structure, purpose & possible applications.

We also make it in various styles to be as a collection for customer’s selection. It would be save time to pick up existing design or take it as reference to explore further and suit your market needs.

Either take from our existing developed items to introduce to your market or make development based on our existing concepts. It would be relatively quick and easy for customer on the development process, or even in a hurry status.

Please check out our R&D and innovation for Motorcycle Bag, Backpack, Tool Bag and Vest

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  • Background of motorcycle soft luggage development
    Easy Mount Motorcycle Luggage

    Back in 2003, in one occasion talked about the features and limits of motorcycle market with friends, whom we rode together back in our youngster days, I had the thought that it might be interesting to explore into this field. At that time, we were at the point of transforming the mode of traditional OEM and ODM. We’ve had the capacity of doing design and development and been many years in the bag business. We started to anticipate motorcycle shows in Italy and Germany and did market research. After 3 years of experimenting and studying, we concluded: 1. Obstacles – each bike model has different shape, structure and system. It’s difficult to consolidate. Bags on bikes needs to have multi-function and compact volume – thus it requires extensive labors and high sewing skills. 2. Opportunities – most motorcycle bags in the market are either black or grey, and have square and moderate look. There are rooms of other possibilities. Based on years of the development experience with customers in various industries, we strongly thought we can use many applications to design it. It can add compliments to the bikes and be stylish when used off-bike. Then we decided to go ahead motorcycle bags with own design. We come up with motor bags that are streamlined, lively, deluxe but subtle. Using different materials and features to give visional impact and bring out the design concept and quality. For example, same black in nylon and carbon-simulated leather – first one you get the feel of strong duration, but later one you get shiny texture and it gives out gloss on the surface. We have both on the bag, combined with other material elements, to get visual impact. In order to fit with various motorcycle models, we spent a lot of time on studying and trials for almost one year.

  • Hook and Magnet Attachment System

    Niche Summit Co., Ltd. is dedicated to bring new concept to make life better. Bear this in mind, our innovative backpack N-19203 has won iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 for its special designed buckle and proprietary magnetic buckle system. No matter for working or living, modern day people are always on the move, and their carried items need to facilitate for needs of different places or times, therefore, when special handbags, PC pack, bicycle pack, etc., normally need to be secured with simple anti-theft devices, such as hook and lock, which may present inconvenience and instability, hence this design addressed the aforementioned issues and limitations with special designed buckle and proprietary magnetic buckle system which adds no weight and cost for security of all carried items, and easy carriage. This design concept for this collection is mainly to offer a bag which can serve better for the modern life with convenient inter-change accessories and pockets to fulfill user’s needs for different environment or functional performance

  • Tool Gear Carry System

    Our Tool Vest, Waist Belt, Tool Bag provide tool carry system in two ways: 1. Normal carry system - like the vest of TL-6202, and with other tool bags such as TL-6210, 6211. Most of the workers carry the tool bag around their thigh. 2. Molle System -- it's like policemen and Military carry system - which has inter-changeable system - and which allow worker to change the tool pouch based on their task (assignment) this time. And it's allowing them to move around the pouch on different location based on his personal preference or behavior. So TL-6214 is for Molle system Vest TL-6201. So, currently we have TL-6213, 6214, 6215, 6216, 6217, 6218, total 6 types of pouches for Molle System Vest. On the other hand, we add on extra belt to the carry system as a combination solution, and also meet more ergonamic consideration. Customer is able to use all together, or use any 2 of the items. a. To use the Vest with Tool Bag or b. To use Belt with Tool Bag or c. To use Vest + Belt + Tool Bag We all design with special attachment on each unit which allow them to be joined together. Also, it help the worker to distribute the weight of the tool to whole body or to shoulder or to waist, instead of putting all the weight on the waist or to the leg. Moreover, we provide the Waist Comfort Pad TL-6205 as an optional item - which provide another level of comfort to worker. To have the TL-6203 shoulder strap, this is for Summer usage or some workers which do not think that they need to have vest, but they want to distribute the weight to his shoulder, then he can use this shoulder strap to replace Vest. Above is the basic design concept behind the product. If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to check with us. We might give you more information, or if there is anything we did not think enough. We might improve them right away for you.

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