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Niche MOTORCYCLE BAG Introduction

Niche Summit Co., Ltd. is Taipei, Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Bag Industry. Niche has been offering our customers high quality Motorcycle Bag, Soft Luggage, Outdoor Bag, Functional Bag, Travel Gear, Tank Bag, Saddle Bag, Rear bag, Backpack, Messenger Bag, Crossover bag, Duffle bag, Business bag, EVA bag, Computer Bag, Tail Bag, Pannier Bags since 1998. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Niche always make sure to meet each customer's demand.


Motorcycle Bags


Back in 2003, in one occasion talked about the features and limits of motorcycle market with friends, whom we rode together back in our youngster days, I had the thought that it might be interesting to explore into this field. At that time, we were at the point of transforming the mode of traditional OEM and ODM. We’ve had the capacity of doing design and development and been many years in the bag business.

We started to anticipate motorcycle shows in Italy and Germany and did market research. After 3 years of experimenting and studying, we concluded:
1. Obstacles – each bike model has different shape, structure and system. It’s difficult to consolidate. Bags on bikes needs to have multi-function and compact volume – thus it requires extensive labors and high sewing skills.
2. Opportunities – most motorcycle bags in the market are either black or grey, and have square and moderate look. There are rooms of other possibilities.

Based on years of the development experience with customers in various industries, we strongly thought we can use many applications to design it. It can add compliments to the bikes and be stylish when used off-bike.

Then we decided to go ahead motorcycle bags with own design. We come up with motor bags that are streamlined, lively, deluxe but subtle. Using different materials and features to give visional impact and bring out the design concept and quality. For example, same black in nylon and carbon-simulated leather – first one you get the feel of strong duration, but later one you get shiny texture and it gives out gloss on the surface. We have both on the bag, combined with other material elements, to get visual impact.

In order to fit with various motorcycle models, we spent a lot of time on studying and trials for almost one year.

Tank Bag

It is not only used to put personal items, like sunglasses, wallets, gloves….etc., but also to hold maps and GPS devices. So we make the bag expandable for extra stuff when needed. Because the tank bag is placed at the front of the bike, it faces high speed and strong wind power. It is important to secure the tank bag safely on the tank. Also we need to overcome the tank shape and size problem – there are various tank shapes from each brand in the market.

We tackle them with our 4-leg interchange system, Along with suction pads, magnetic pads, fastening straps.

The legs are able to be adjusted for the length and used on different angles so they are no problem to apply on different tank shapes and sizes.

Suction pads are to be used on glass-fiber tank
Magnet pads are to be used on metal tank.
Fixing straps are to hook with the side frames or to the steering bar

    We suggest combined usages:
  1. 1 strap (to the steering bar) + 4 magnetic pads (or 4 suction pads).
  2. 2 straps (to the side frame) + 2 magnetic (or suction) pads
  3. 1 strap (to the steering bar) + 4 straps (to the side frame)




Saddle Bag

Twin bags on the side of rear wheel. They are usually used to put boots, jackets, helmets, even the picnic mat.

To connect the twin bag, we have two belts with Velcro. You can hang the connecting belts on or below the seat. Then you have the saddle bag fixed on the bike. But we have also other two fixing straps to secure the bag to the side frame for stability – to prevent the bag moving or touching the ground when the bike is running.

We tested the weight load on the bag, up to 100kgs for 5 minutes. We have enforced sewing on the connecting belts so it can withstand high moving speed.

Then we consider the possibility to combine the saddle bag with the rear bag. We add D rings on the rear of the saddle bag. So the rear bag can hook with the saddle bag to increase the loading volume when you have lots of stuff to carry. You get U-shape rear bag and enlarged capacity.

Two belts with Velcro & fixing strap to the side frame
Two belts with Velcro & Fixing strap to the side fram