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Tool Gear Carry System

Our Tool Vest, Waist Belt, Tool Bag provide tool carry system in two ways:

1. Normal carry system - like the vest of TL-6202, and with other tool bags such as TL-6210, 6211. Most of the workers carry the tool bag around their thigh.
2. Molle System -- it's like policemen and Military carry system - which has inter-changeable system - and which allow worker to change the tool pouch based on their task (assignment) this time. And it's allowing them to move around the pouch on different location based on his personal preference or behavior. So TL-6214 is for Molle system Vest TL-6201. So, currently we have TL-6213, 6214, 6215, 6216, 6217, 6218, total 6 types of pouches for Molle System Vest.

On the other hand, we add on extra belt to the carry system as a combination solution, and also meet more ergonamic consideration. Customer is able to use all together, or use any 2 of the items.

a. To use the Vest with Tool Bag or
b. To use Belt with Tool Bag or
c. To use Vest + Belt + Tool Bag

We all design with special attachment on each unit which allow them to be joined together. Also, it help the worker to distribute the weight of the tool to whole body or to shoulder or to waist, instead of putting all the weight on the waist or to the leg. Moreover, we provide the Waist Comfort Pad TL-6205 as an optional item - which provide another level of comfort to worker.

To have the TL-6203 shoulder strap, this is for Summer usage or some workers which do not think that they need to have vest, but they want to distribute the weight to his shoulder, then he can use this shoulder strap to replace Vest.

Above is the basic design concept behind the product. If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to check with us. We might give you more information, or if there is anything we did not think enough. We might improve them right away for you.

Tool Gear Carry System | Tough and Reliable Heavy Duty Bags Manufacturer | Niche

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