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Niche Motorcycle Bags Service Introduction

Niche Summit Co., Ltd. is Taipei, Taiwan Motorcycle Bags supplier and manufacturer with more than 20 years experence. Since 1998, in the Bag Industry, Niche has been offering our customers high quality Motorcycle Bags production service. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Niche always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Motorcycle Bags Classic
    Motorcycle Bags Classic

    Niche Motorcycle Bag Classic collection covers a large variety of items suck as tank bags, saddle bags, rear bags, backpacks, holster bags, tool bags, tank pouch, handlebar pouch and waist bags. Stylish yet functional motorcycle bag for high demand users. With its heavy-duty material and multiple function designs, you are in for a luxury experience.We play a mix of fabric combination. Niche Motorcycle Bag Classic collection uses heavy nylon fabric as base and add in carbon-simulated leather, orange cordura and reflective trims to create a modern and brand new look for motorcycle bag industry. Niche motorcycle bag caused a visual sensation when it first appeared in the market.You will be surprised for its multi-functional designs as soon as you explore into this series. Don't hesitate and click into Niche Motorcycle Classic series to view the details.

  • Motorcycle Bags Black Knight
    Motorcycle Bags Black Knight

    Niche Motorcycle Bag Black Knight series also covers complete collection of motorcycle bags : tank bags, saddle bags, rear bags, backpacks, holster bags & tank pouch. This motorcycle bag collection takes care of the basic features with good quality. If you want something low-profile and trimmed-down, they are the right motorcycle bag for you. In short, light-weighted and cool design is the spirit of the Niche Motorcycle Bag Black Knight Series. Functionally Niche Motorcycle Bag Black Knight series does not compromise and has all the necessities for entry level usage. Fine workmanship for durability has also addressed.Every bag details with decorative PE boards, which comes with retro-look hexagonal rivets, silver reflective logo prints, and D rings for strap attachment come in handy whenever needed. We specially decorate every bag with a piece of red rubber binding to light up the Bag.Light-textured 600D jacquard for the main body. Carbon-simulated leather patches occasionally show up to give a delicate touch. Of course the reflective thin stripes on the sides are the fixation. Eye-catching fluorescent-colored rain cover for night time safety is another feature.

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