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Niche Summit Co., Ltd., since 1998, is one of the Navigator Bag | bag manufacturers based in Taipei, Taiwan.

With custom design, and multiple material and professional production process, we provide a wide range of bags. Whether it's tool carriers, engineer vests, bags for long trips, urban, business, or pouches for tools, work or phones, we are capable of delivering the best. And our expansion of bag supplies, such as motorcycle bags, ATV bags and scooter bags, has allowed us to sell worldwide.

Niche has been offering customers high-quality bags. Both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Niche ensures each customer's demands are met.

Navigator Bag


This Navigator Bag is designed for rider's navigation and has standing leg for rider's better viewing. This navigator bag is convenient and easy to carry. We make this navigator bag with magnetic wings and the wings can be folded up when off bike. We add reflective stripes on the wings for night time safety and additional fixing strap for handlebar column. Base of the navigator bag is non-slippery materials for protection of your tank. Easy grab zip pullers as usual. Out shell fabric is light-weighted 600D ripstop and some carbon-simulated leather patches to add texture.

Motorcycle tank bag

Product Dimension

  • Bag size: 18 x 13 x 3 cm


  • Attach on tank
  • Use as a carry shoulder bag
  • Clear map pocket on top of bag
  • Non-slip and non-scratch rubber base
  • Suitable for sports bike & street bike
  • Magnetic attachment base


  • Belt with hook x 1

Order Terms

  • Mini Order Quantity : 50 pcs
  • Mini Order Amount Per Shipment: USD12,000
  • For less order, please contact local distributors
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    This tank pouch has 2 foldable wings to adhere on the tank. With 3 magnetic points (2 on the wings, 1 on the main body), this tank bag stays securely on the metal tank when the wings are spreaded out and you can fold the wings back on the center magnetic point when off-bike use. Additional strap to fix on the steering bar and also can use it to convert the tank pouch into a waist bag. Then on the front of the tank pouch there's the flap pocket. Inside the tank pouch has pen holder, card holder & zipper pocket. On the top of the tank pouch we have the reflective pipe, reflecitve logo badge and mix with color stripe and carbon-simulated leather. Color trims on the sides of the tank pouch. Inside the main compartment of the tank pouch its' padded with soft foam so your items are cushioned while travelling on the bumpy road.

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    This wing-shaped tank bag features a clear window pocket for electronic devices on top. Base of the tank bag is of course the non-slippery material to protect your tank from scratches. This tank bag has two magnetic wings and the wings can be folded up when not used. Front of the tank bag has a small quick access pocket which adds to user's convenience. Sides of the tank bag has reflective stripes, carbon simulated leather patches, decorative PE board which has reflective logo prints, D rings for strap attachment, and retro-look rivets. Interior of the tank bag is padded to protect your items on the bumpy trip and has removable PE board inserts for the side walls also. Additional fixing strap to attach with handlebar column and additional shoulder carrying strap for off-bike use. Easy grab zip pullers as usual. Out shell fabric is light-weighted 600D ripstop and some carbon-simulated leather patches to add texture. A 100% waterproof neon green rain cover is included also for safety feature.

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    This is a tiny tank bag for holding necessities. This tank bag lies flat to the tank. One main zipper pocket and on top of it one smaller clear window pocket for navigation. Inside the main zipper pocket, there is mesh band so as to get your items held nicely. On front of this tank bag, a fixing strap with release buckle to hold onto to handlebar column or use it as a carrying strap. Three magnetic wings to stick onto the metal tank and the wings can be folded up as usual. Base of this tank bag is hard PE board covered with non-slippery material to protect your tank from scratches. A belt loop on the backside so that you can convert usage to a waist bag. Out shell fabric is 600D ripstop and trimmed with carbon-simulated leather and reflective stripes for night time safety.

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We insert a piece of iron to cover the magnetic power on the upside of magnetic pads so your electronic device will not have direct contact with the magnetic.
We use high density fabric treated with certain degree of water repellent. It should be no problem to withstand in a drizzle. Also we have included a 100% waterproof rain cover with reflective prints for motorcycle bags collection. You can use it on raining day also the reflective prints increase your night time safety.
We've prepared a series of demonstration videos for your reference.
We do not suggest to put helmet in the tank bag. It will interfere with your driving operation as the bag will become too bulky. Instead, you can store your helmet inside the rear bag. Tank bags are suitable for smaller items and easy to grab.
No, we do not design bags for a specific bike model. Our motorcycle bags are for universal use.
We don't have anti-theft mechanism for motorcycle bag for the time being. But our motorcycle bags are designed to be easily disassembled and carried with you for off-bike usage.