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Niche Summit Co., Ltd, since 1998, is a professional bag and luggage manufacturer. The main product, including Motorcycle Bags, Soft Luggage, Functional Bags, Travel Gears, Tank Bags, Saddle Bags, Rear Bags, Backpacks, Messenger Bags, Tunnel Bags, Crossover Bags, Duffle bags, Business bags, EVA bags, Computer Bags, Tail Bags, Pannier Bags, etc.

Niche can provide constructive suggestions regarding material selections, color combinations, and innovative artistry applications, even the ergonomic structure consideration, and so forth. Moreover, every processing is conducted with strict design, pattern making, selecting materials, cutting, sewing and packaging.

Niche has been offering customers high-quality bags & luggage, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Niche ensures each customer's demands are met.

STEP-BY-STEP CUSTOM BAGS|Professional Bag Manufacture & Design

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Step-by-step process and create a custom bag

Here you'll get the basic working procedure of custom bag manufacturing that Niche is to offer. Please feel free to fill in the inquiry form in the bottom of this page. We will contact you as soon as possible. We'd be glad to offer our service.

Step 1: Design Artwork or Hand Drawing
Customer sends Design Artwork, Hand Drawing or idea concept to us. Niche Summit will provide discussion and professional suggestion in terms of structure, fabric, materials…etc. Or customer chooses among our available in-house design, which is most relevant to their need, and adjust from there to meet reqirements of their target market.
Step 2: Pattern Making and 1st prototype sample
After setting up outlook design, structure and material specs, our master will produce paper patterns accordingly and pass the patterns to sample room staff. Our sample room calculates each material usage, hand cutting material, making the logo tooling…etc and produce 1st prototype sample. Lead time of prototype sample generally takes 2-3 weeks. Customer first check the prototype sample via pictures. (we will provide many detailed picture for the sample, such as different side looks, detail feature….etc). After the basic checking on the pictures is confirmed, then customer arranges shipment of the prototype sample. The 1st prototype sample is basically for structure confirmation and make by closest material available on hand first.
Step 3: 2nd prototype sample making
After customer physical checking the prototype, then gives us the final comment and modification feedback, or even the material specification for final sample usage. We will study the comment and then discussion with customer for the material requirement & specification setup. We will modify paper patterns and arrange 2nd prototype sample with exact materials and parts based on the design requirement.
Step 4: Special parts Development - plastic parts, Hardware, Compressed Foam…etc
If the case involves special parts development, such as plastic parts, hardware, zip pullers, compression foams…etc, customer provides detail artworks (some may need 3D artwork) and we will check with supplier for the tooling costs, and if agreed, open tooling accordingly. Lead time of special parts development generally is within 30 days, depending on the tooling completion time. Plastic parts, such as release buckle or larger piece of parts, it might take 45-60 days for the tooling development lead time.
Step 5: Sample confirmation and Price discussion
Again, we will send the detail pictures to customer for first basic confirmation via e-mail. After customer is basically confirmed the sample is made by the instruction, then customer arranges shipment of 2nd prototype sample and gives final approval or further instruction. Once the sample is confirmed by customer, then we will give quotation based on the final approved sample with MOQ requirement (of the mass production), mass production lead time and payment terms. Customer can provide quantity breakdown to get different price level.
Step 6: Go to order process
If the quotation, delivery date and payment term are all accepted by customers, we will provide Sales Confirmation for signature. After receive down payment (normally 30% of the order amount) of the order, we will start the mass production arrangement, starting to purchase the raw material.
Step 7: Packaging confirmation
Customer provides the artworks of hangtag, labels (or even instruction sheet, leaflet), and export carton print. We will arrange sample for approval before mass production.
Step 8: Mass Production - lead time is 70 days
Our staff starts to calculate usage of material and all the components needed for the order, then places orders to raw material suppliers. Suppliers need to give pre-production sample of every component, fabric for our approval before mass production to ensure the material performance and quality. Lead time of materials is normally 30-40 days (We don't stock materials as we take orders of custom-made items). When the material is arrived, our warehouse inspects. If ok, we accept and start the production arrangement for each type of material. If the quality is not ok, we will return to supplier. When our production line has all the materials, parts on hand, they start the production. We have QC on spot to ensure the bag is being produced as confirmation sample and as per requirement. We also have QC staff on the package area to check 100% goods before the bag is packed into export carton. Finally, we will pile them up and ready to ship.