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Niche Commuter/Motorcycle/Bicycle Backpacks Introduction

Niche Summit Co., Ltd. is Taipei, Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Bag Industry. Niche has been offering our customers high quality Motorcycle Bag, Soft Luggage, Outdoor Bag, Functional Bag, Travel Gear, Tank Bag, Saddle Bag, Rear bag, Backpack, Messenger Bag, Crossover bag, Duffle bag, Business bag, EVA bag, Computer Bag, Tail Bag, Pannier Bags since 1998. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Niche always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Commuter/Motorcycle/Bicycle Backpacks

Development Concept for Commuter/Motorcycle/Bicycle Backpacks

Our Mission is to develop product which can help the customer in their daily life.  We try to come out better solution for the people easily to enjoy the modern city life and weekend ride.


Development Idea and Concept


When it comes to motorcycle bags, you think of bags with elements, such as straps, hooks, magnets…etc, that are necessary for mounting or fastening on the vehicle. And its shape is usually contoured to fit for motorcycles. Motorcycle bag may look good on the vehicle but not look right, sometimes oddly, to be carried off bike - because it is not meant for general use and is made for professional purpose. 


Based on years of experience in bag business and production in various fields, Niche has breakthrough to address this issue. Save the trouble to choose between bags, for on bike and off bike, in the morning of weekdays. In one bag we take care of both needs, to apply well on the motorcycle and in the same time is cool-looking ordinary bag when carried off bike.  That’s why we develop the Rear pad and the special Hook strap system which can mount and dismount the Backpack onto the motorcycle easily.


With our designed system, you just assemble the pad on the back seat and attach the backpack / side-carry bag on either side. You do not need to do as the traditional saddle bag which must be used as a pair and be attached on both sides.  Now you don’t have to have twin bags but one bag with you. Both rider and passenger can have different bags to be attached on either side.  Simple and easy!  


Additionally, the bag attached professionally on the motorcycle could be your daily metropolitan look of backpack without any questions.  Nobody will look at your bag with strange look anymore!

(Above is for the Rear Pad and Backpack)


Patent-Pending FasRelis System

Moreover, modern life is busy, full of schedules, and fast paced. Anything that is light, compact becomes main-stream. With 3C devices on hand, people carry less and less. Roomy tank bag is no longer needed.  People prefer small container to put their essentials and easily mount and dismount when they leave the motorcycle.  We come up with module-sized pouches and its coordinated pad and bags, built with FasRelis System, to replace traditional tank bag with compact and flexible usage of the products.  The system features quick release and security function. It also provides the flexibility to locate the pouches at various placements as you need. 


This new collection is developed especially for commuting motorcyclists and students.  We offer different styles of module pouches (all built with FasRelis buckles) for selection, such as GPS, Mobile phone pouch, Power Bank pouch…..etc.  Consumers choose the styles according to their needs and place the location they prefer.  Just assemble the new designed Tank pad on the tank and fasten the pouches.  You are ready to go. 

(Tank Pad and Accessories Pouches)


As a brand design, we definitely try to provide solution for our customers as well-considered as possible.  We also develop the bags with FasRelis System on.  You just click the module pouch off the Tank Pad and attach the pouch on the shoulder strap or on the front panel of the bag, even the interior of the backpack / Side Carry bag.  Keep your accessories handy and safe.  Without carrying the big Tank bag walking around the stores or festival, you can carry as less as possible for your ride. 


We also develop computer sleeve to be attached inside of the Backpack.  It makes the backpack to be more flexible in term of the weekday professional usage, or weekend outdoor usage by simply detach the computer sleeve off the backpack.  Then you can get rid of the heavy computer stuff right away, but you are not going to bother and relocate your computer stuff on the Monday morning.  You just click on the backpack again on Monday morning.   Or you can just leave the backpack at home, but only carry the computer sleeve to the coffee shop nearby for a short break.