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Niche Summit is a bag producer and designer using updated technology with creative concept to design functional bags to meet specific activity.

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Niche Summit Co., Ltd, since 1998, is a professional bag and luggage manufacturer. The main product, including Motorcycle Bags, Soft Luggage, Functional Bags, Travel Gears, Tank Bags, Saddle Bags, Rear Bags, Backpacks, Messenger Bags, Tunnel Bags, Crossover Bags, Duffle bags, Business bags, EVA bags, Computer Bags, Tail Bags, Pannier Bags, etc.

Niche can provide constructive suggestions regarding material selections, color combinations, and innovative artistry applications, even the ergonomic structure consideration, and so forth. Moreover, every processing is conducted with strict design, pattern making, selecting materials, cutting, sewing and packaging.

Niche has been offering customers high-quality bags & luggage, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Niche ensures each customer's demands are met.

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Here you will find Q&A that is frequently asked. Please take a look and hope it solves your questions. If no, please leave a message we'll get back to you very soon.

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  • Will magnets inside motorcycle tank bag damage your electronic device?

    Our tank bags have a metal cap on the magnet which can direct the magnet power into a certain direction. We also has extra layer of the plastic board on top of the hardware cap with magnet. Therefore, the electronic device inside of the bag will be safe because there are many different layers of material on magnet, such as fabric, foam , plastic board, and the metal cap. It is safe to put your electronic device and wallet inside of the tank bag.

  • Why is the raincover needed when fabric of the bag is waterproof already?

    The fabric of our motorcycle bags itself is waterproof because we have plastic sheet laminated on the back side of the fabric. During the bag assembly, it needs to have many stitching on the fabric to conceal the fabric into a bag. The reason to enclose the rain cover is to prevent the water going into bag through the needle hole on the fabric. For the short time exposed in the rain, it should not have problem at all without rain cover. But for long ride in the rain, it’s better to have rain cover on the bag to ensure the water is not coming through the needle hole. The rain cover has the plastic film taping on top of the stitching hole, so there is no possibility for water penetration.

  • Can motorcycle tank bag accommodate full covered helmet?

    Normally once the expandable part is opened on the tank bag, then the tank bag might be able to hold 3/4 size covered helmet. We do have tank bag which is able to full size helmet, but it is not usual size because it is relatively too high on the tank and might obstacle the riding. The main rule to follow is that tank bag cannot interfere the handle to turn or block the rider’s view. To put the helmet, we would normally recommend to use the rear bag.

  • How does motorcycle tank bag fit on oil tank if my tank shape is irregular?

    Yes, that is why we have the special design for the tank bag in order to overcome this problem and to fit most of the tank. We use 4 straps at the corner of the bottom of the bag with release buckle at the end. The benefit for using the webbing strap is to swing the strap to different angle and to find the “relatively flat surface” to attach. Then we have magnet pad, such pads, or even another strap with release buckle to attach the webbing strap at the bottom of the bag. Then we can overcome the irregular shape of the tank, and also the type of material of the tank. We can find the best or the preferred way to attach and fix the tank bag onto the tank.

  • Does motorcycle need to have metal rack to assemble saddlebags?

    Basically our motorcycle bag has all designed for universal mounting system which does not need to have metal rack to install it. Our main concept is no screw, no drill hole for rider to attach and to detach easily without any special tool. Please check our video on Youtube for further demonstration for Tank Bag, Saddle Bag, and Rear Bag. Tank Bag System: There are basically three ways to attach the tank bag on the tank, such as the Magnet, Suction Pad, and the Straps. Our design is mainly using magnet and strap combination. Also there is a handle security strap for all the tank bag which is able to be used as a shoulder strap when the tank bag is off the motorcycle. Suction pad is main for “non-metal” tank to use. Saddle Bag System: There is mainly having two wide straps at the center of the saddle bag. Both has male and female Velcro for attachment and also for adjustment for the length based on the width of the seat. The back of the saddle bag has two stable straps with buckle fasten on each bag which is important to use at least one strap to prevent the bag to hit the ground when the motorcycle turns. Rear Bag System – Mainly it has two release buckle strap at the bottom to hold under the seat or the rack. And there are multiple buckle strap, at least four straps, to tighten the bag on the metal frame of the motorcycle. The attaching points will be the metal frame, foot rest bar, back passenger handle, or the back rack. Also there are multiple webbing loops or D rings for attachment. Rider can find the best way to fix the bag onto the motorcycle, as long as there are 3 points to tighten the bag, then it will be stable during movement.

  • Will motorcycle saddlebags hinder the rear seat passenger?

    No, if the saddle is stalled correctly, it will not hinder the passenger. Basically, the saddle bag will be attached on the side of the motorcycle, around the back seat above the exhaust. It normally should be tighten toward back. Two tips for reference. One is the front of the saddle bag should not exceed the middle line of the seat. The main key rule to follow is that saddle bag will not touch the thigh of the passenger. Then it will not obstacle the movement of the passenger.

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