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Niche Summit Co., Ltd., since 1998, is one of the bag manufacturers based in Taipei, Taiwan.

With custom design, and multiple material and professional production process, we provide a wide range of bags. Whether it's tool carriers, engineer vests, bags for long trips, urban, business, or pouches for tools, work or phones, we are capable of delivering the best. And our expansion of bag supplies, such as motorcycle bags, ATV bags and scooter bags, has allowed us to sell worldwide.

Niche has been offering customers high-quality bags. Both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Niche ensures each customer's demands are met.

Customized Bags


Niche Summit provides total solution for customer. Prototype R&D, Material Selection or Material Development, Hardware and Plastic Tooling Development, and Mass Production, we are able to arrange for customer from sketch to ready-to-sell goods. With more than 20 years of experience in bag business, Niche Summit is capable of providing constructive suggestions in terms of material selections, color combinations, and innovative applications,.…etc. Buyers just send design sketches or 3D artwork together with clear target selling group information, then our team will produce prototype and give recommendations in the process to adequately meet buyers’ need. We have dedicated department for product development, design and artwork process, material sourcing, tooling making, mass production, quality control, and shipment arrangement.

Professional Team offers Total Solutions
From sketch to ready-to-sell goods. Our professional team keeps tight control on every step of working process to assure of quality of goods for customer who is cooperating with Niche Summit.

Save Time on Development Process with Niche Summit

In order to constantly improving customer experience, we come up with new concept of collection from time to time to present our idea and development concept following by our understanding of the market trend. We can save customer time on the development process. Customer can modify form our existing developed items to meet customer’s target market. It would be relatively quick and easy for customer on the development process, or even in a hurry status. Currently we have ready available in-house design products in many criteria, from regular daypack, motorcycle/bicycle related field, safety gear, luggage, Metropolitan/Leisure styles, tool carry safety equipment,....etc. Each category has its unique design concept. We also make it in various styles to be as a collection for customer’s selection. It would be save time to pick up existing design or take it as reference from various styles which are made by the design element!
Either customer wants to develop his own design and concept or customer wants to modify from exiting style from our collection, it is all good choice to work with us.
Please take some time to check into below category collections and feel free to contact us if any inquiry. We will be pleased to have the opportunity to provide our service to your reputed company.

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