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Niche Summit Co., Ltd., since 1998, is one of the Backpacks | bag manufacturers based in Taipei, Taiwan.

With custom design, and multiple material and professional production process, we provide a wide range of bags. Whether it's tool carriers, engineer vests, bags for long trips, urban, business, or pouches for tools, work or phones, we are capable of delivering the best. And our expansion of bag supplies, such as motorcycle bags, ATV bags and scooter bags, has allowed us to sell worldwide.

Niche has been offering customers high-quality bags. Both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Niche ensures each customer's demands are met.


One daypack is enough. Functionality is not to compromise on beauty.
One daypack is enough. Functionality is not to compromise on beauty.
  • Computer Backpack
    Computer Backpack

    Modern life is busy, full of schedules, and fast paced. Anything that is light, compact becomes main-stream. With 3C devices on hand, people carry less and less. People prefer small container to put their essentials.

  • Specialty / Waterproof Backpack
    Specialty / Waterproof Backpack

    Niche Urban Sports collection is designed with unique printing technique, achieved certain degree of waterproof, and covers backpack, crossover bag, tote bag, messenger bag, duffle bag & helmet bag.This bag line is structured to achieve certain degree of waterproof: the inner lining sealed by waterproof tape, out fabric treated with water repellent and exterior waterproof zipper pockets.Our backpack has special attachment system to hook helmet bag so you can carry your helmet when needed. This is special feature of the backpack meant for modern urban life.Another feature is the unique printing graphics on every Niche Urban Sports Bag. We want to have a urban yet free feeling so we do the graphics with free-spree sprinkling dots. Then we use 5 colors to print layer after layer and create solid texture and special color effects.Then reflective stripes on every bag for night time traffic in the urban life is a must.As for the fabric, we have two color ways for this Urban Sports Bag series. We have light weight 300D oxford fabric for grey color bags and 600D jacquard fabric for cool black bags. Both are treated with water repellent and waterproof seals to protect from water invasion.Enjoy and take a look into this unique collection.General order terms: 1. FOB Shenzhen China 2. Mini order amount is USD12,000 per shipment 3. Production leadtime is 60-75 days after order confirmation

  • Motorcycle Backpack
    Motorcycle Backpack

    These bags are the most innovative development from our development ever. Each bag can fulfill many different needs for your daily life. Our goal is trying to help your daily life, and providing the convenience for you throughout the week.Everyone is switching his role all the time based on the time during the week. On Monday to Friday, you might need a bag for business or for school, and then you also need a bag for your travel or the weekend life. You might bicycle to the park with your family with a bag, or you might get on your motorcycle to meet with your buddy with your gear bag. We have saved the trouble for you to choose between bags, for office work, school, traveling, or for getting on the bikes.